Tasks are a type of [[1]] with students that can be used to [[2]] them. They have not been fully implemented yet.

When Yandere-chan walks up to a student and the interaction wheel pops up, the player must go to the sprite art of the two people holding hands. When it is chosen, the student Yandere-chan is interacting with will proceed to tell the player what her task will be. As of the [History|October 11th, 2015 Build], Yandere-chan can accept or deny the task. Press E to accept the task and Q to refuse.

Once the task is finished, Yandere-chan must walk up to the student and click the task function again. The student will thank her and a big pink "TASK COMPLETE!" sign will appear on the screen for several seconds. The player's [[3]] will currently not increase, but the student will become her friend and be willing to do tasks for her. There are also other benefits that have not been released yet. The same task cannot be completed again unless the [Simulator|game] is reset.

Yandere-chan is able to check her [[4]] to view all the tasks available. When a task is completed, a check mark will appear by the mission.


Student Tasks

Eventually, every NPC will have at least one task. Some will not be as easy.

Saki MiyuSaki Miyu has lost her bra somewhere on [High School|school grounds]. Locate the bra, then return it to her. The item can be found on the most northern part of Akademi's wall, just a couple of meters from the [Tree|Confession Tree]. It will not spawn unless the player has accepted the task. Kokona Haruka: Kokona Haruka's school [[5]] is too tight. Discover a way to provide her with a looser uniform. The player can complete this task by going to the [Room|Sewing Room], and modifying the uniform which can be bought through the [[6]] menu. [Osu|Pippi Osu]Pippi Osu wants to know if her console is defective. Play her disc on your game console at home, and tell her what happens next.  The player can complete this task by playing [Senpai of the Night|Yanvania] during night at home and defeating the boss. It will not be playable unless the player has accepted the task.[Ippongo|Ryuto Ippongo]Ryuto Ippongo has lost his bandana. Locate his bandana and return it to him. The bandana can be found between the [Room|shower room] and the school. It will not spawn unless the player has accepted the task.Riku SomaRiku Soma wants a photograph of the elusive kitten that he spotted somewhere on school grounds. Take a picture of the kitten, save it and show it to him. The kitten is found just a couple of meters right from the [[7]].


  • Tasks were implemented in the October 8th, 2015 Build.
  • Yandere-chan may be able to buy a soda from the [Machine|vending machine] for a student's task in the future. It is low priority, however.
  • In the full game, the player character will be able to do tasks for [[8]] as well. This will open new gameplay options.
  • If money is implemented, the main character may earn cash for doing tasks for NPCs.
  • Yandere-chan will never make friends with [[9]] members.